Hi from Wristide
Wristide is selling bracelets to help give back to our oceans and sea life. I have learned over the years that they need our help! My goal with Wristide is to not only sell bracelets where I give 50% back to non profits who are actively helping, but to also share some of the ocean, sea life and shark information I have been learning since I was around 3 years old! My papa has been a fisherman his whole life, he loves to sit in a boat even if he doesn't catch anything- which he also releases if he does:) to be one with nature. I have been in the boat since I was actually younger than 3, since my mom loves to go with her dad ( my papa) I look forward to sharing his wisdom since he's 88 and still loves to be out on the river at his cabin in Michigan. As well as all the facts I have been learning since I was around 3!

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